Update: 2019 ALGO Auction - 90% Refund window starting June 19th 2020

May 26th - 2019 ALGO Auction participants, who did not avail of the early redemption window in August 2019, are qualified to opt for a second and final Auction redemption window. The program (click here for detailed information on the refund structure) will run from 12.00am June 19th 2020 to 11:59PM June 26th 2020, all times in Singapore time. You will only be able to request refunds during this period. You will receive your refund by 11:59PM July 1st, 2020 Singapore time. 

Over the next few weeks, our auction partner, CoinList, will be sending emails to all remaining auction participants to provide greater detail on the process to apply for the refund.

As occurred during the optional early redemption last August, all ALGOs returned via this refund mechanism will be burned (permanently taken out of circulation). Once the process is completed, the Algorand Foundation will provide certification that the token burn has taken place.

As noted, detailed information will be provided by CoinList. If there are any further questions, please email [email protected]