2020 Grant Award Recipients

Algo Grants Program:

Algorand, together with our community is building a trusted, public and permissionless infrastructure for the borderless economy. In support of our mission, we launched a 250 million Algo Grants Program. This multi-year Grants Program offers various funding level opportunities across application development, tools & infrastructure, research, and education & community. A list of the 2020 Algo Grants Program Award recipients to date include;

  • Props Project - Applications Grant: User reward platform for multiple social media applications, migrating users and reward transactions from a sidechain over to Algorand.
  • Bloq - Infrastructure Grant: A multi-blockchain infrastructure provider, delivering Algorand nodes and APIs alongside other major networks.
  • PureStake AlgoSigner - Infrastructure Grant: An open-source browser plug-in that enables developers to add Algorand transaction capabilities into their applications while allowing users to keep control of their keys.
  • Reach - Research Grant: A development platform designed to remove the complexity of building dApps on the Algorand blockchain and to enable the future creation of DAOs, Decentralised Exchanges and many other DeFi Applications on Algorand. 
  • Circle USDC - Applications Grant: Integration of USDC on Algorand and the integration of algo-USDC in Circle's Business Account and Circle Platform Services APIs (payment, wallet, and marketplace)
  • Aikon - Infrastructure Grant: Integrate Algorand into their core service, ORE ID, which enables enterprise customers to easily adopt and migrate their existing users to the Algorand blockchain. Algorand plugin for ChainJS, which is an open source blockchain helper library that will make it simple for developers to migrate their existing Dapps to Algorand.
  • Runtime Verification Inc - Infrastructure Grant: Develop a formal semantic framework for Algorand’s advanced smart contracts using the K framework
  • Chainalysis - Infrastructure Grant: Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) for transaction monitoring and compliance processes and Chainalysis Reactor for enhanced due diligence and investigations for the ALGO, its native token. 
  • AssetBlock - Applications Grant:  Development of tokenized asset offerings and financial products. Developed for the Algorand ecosystem and, more broadly, the borderless economy, AssetBlock has already invested heavily in compliance and structure.
  • LongHash Ventures - Community Grant: Operating Algorand Asia Accelerator Program in collaboration with the Foundation and the Borderless Capital.
  • Attestiv - Applications Grant: Integration of Algorand into the DLT-layer of the Attestiv platform.
  • Bountyblok - Applications Grant: Implementation of gaming mechanics into applications. Makes it easier for applications to acquire new customers and engage them through bountyblok’s incentivization and reward system.
  • Prysm - Research Grant: Mapping the Algorand economics and utilizing models to help future Algorand economic design and the optimal allocation of resources for ecosystem development. 
  • House of Crypto - Applications Grant: House Of Crypto is a tower base mobile multiplayer game. Players play for a specific house (representing a blockchain project) and learn about the specific house via the avatars, magics and can earn different things in the app (Watching videos, running nodes, etc.)

Algorand Development Awards Program:

The Algorand Development Awards Program is designed to support innovation that helps to grow the Algorand ecosystem. The Algorand Foundation is committed to supporting that community, as they explore the opportunities for innovation that exist within the Algorand Blockchain ecosystem. The Foundation is interested in development areas such as applications, utilities, monitoring, tooling, deployment and libraries but importantly, is open to any other areas of innovation around the Algorand blockchain. A list of the 2020 Development Award recipients to date include;

  • Riley Ge - Infrastructure Grant: Algorand SDK for .Net Framework to interact with the Algorand network
  • ProofBox - Applications Grant: A drag and drop interface to anchor any document on the blockchain utilizing Algorand SDK to hide all complexities and create a blockchain transaction in Algorand blockchain within seconds
  • PureStake GoalSeeker - Infrastructure Grant: Algorand block explorer that makes it easier than ever to view critical network statistics, browse recently created blocks, search for transactions and accounts in previous blocks, and review activity related to Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs).
  • FlexFnTx - Infrastructure Grant: “FlexID” is a self-sovereign decentralized identity platform. 
  • Jambb - Infrastructure Grant: “AssetSmith”, a development tool showcasing the speed and efficiency of the Algorand blockchain. It allows curious developers, from inside and outside the blockchain ecosystem, to create and send Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) with zero blockchain experience.
  • Rand Labs - Infrastructure Grant: ‘My Algo Wallet’  is an Algorand web wallet with a non-custodial and secure mechanism.
  • Eastern Blu - Applications Grant: Music copyright & licensing registry, a blockchain platform that transforms the music entertainment industry into a radically transparent, more equitable ecosystem. It connects stakeholders across the industry and unlocks new value and profit for the entire value chain.
  • Alessandro Viganò - Infrastructure Grant: Dart SDK is an open source flutter wallet written in DART with Manta protocol integration (appia.co) 
  • Shiva Prasad AlgoDesk.io - Infrastructure Grant: Open-source and developer-friendly web-based tools to build decentralized apps and smart contracts on Algorand network. An asset management portal and a Web IDE for TEAL smart contracts.