Advisory Boards

The Algorand Public Blockchain seeks to have a constitution and long term governance structure designed with community involvement. More details on our constitutional assembly and governance policies/processes will be shared soon.

At launch, governance of the network is assisted by the Algorand Foundation's Economic and Technical Advisory Committees, with committee members selected by our University & Non-Profit Program participants.

Economic Advisory Committee

The Algorand Foundation's Economic Advisory Committee is responsible for establishing economic guidelines and economic research priorities.  Committee Members include Co-Pierre Georg and Guido Molinari.

For news and updates from the Economic Advisory Committee, read more here.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Algorand Foundation's Technical Advisory Committee will be responsible for the technical aspects of the Algorand ecosystem and protocol.  Committee Members include Bryan Parno and Dan Boneh.

Read more here.

University & Non-Profit Program

The Algorand Foundation's Global University Program offers an opportunity for qualified educational institutions and non-profits to participate in our open, permissionless and decentralized network. The governance role of the group is to select committee members to the Economic Advisory Committee and the Technical Advisory Committee. With leading scientific universities from China, Europe, Middle East, Canada, and the United States, the inaugural membership institutions represent a diverse mix of influential thought leaders in computer science and blockchain innovation. Established to provide an opportunity for students and faculty to join the Algorand community, participate in disruptive innovation, and contribute to the new borderless knowledge economy, the founding members share the Algorand Foundation’s vision for the potential of blockchain as a force for social justice and global good. More information on the founding members of this program can be found here.