Acknowledgement of Recent Community Proposals  

The Algorand Foundation shares with the community recently received Economic Improvement Proposals (EIP).

On September 6th, we received a proposal from Algo Capital, titled EIP-09032019AC. It directly affects those node-runners with a 2 year daily reward agreement, and proposes to extend the current 2 year linear daily reward to a 5 year linear daily reward.  The full EIP has been posted here. USV and Pillar have also shared public posts on this. 

On September 9th, the foundation received an additional  Economic Improvement Proposal: EIP-09092019PC, from Polybius Capital, which proposes to institute a 30-day suspension of relay node rewards to allow sufficient time to consider modifications to the current rewards schedule. 

Today, the foundation commences a 7 day review and feedback period, ending on Monday, September 16th at 12pm, Singapore time (SGT).  We welcome commentary and feedback from the relay node runner community and ask that feedback be sent to [email protected], as referenced in the guidelines.

We appreciate our community’s continued engagement in supporting Algorand and we look forward to participation in the review process.