Introducing the Algo

The Algo

Introducing the Algo - possibly one of the most important, native tokens ( coins ) in the world of cryptocurrencies today. The Algo is the native token of the Algorand blockchain. As such, the Algo has all the key features of the Algorand blockchain itself. 

  • It's super-fast: every transaction with Algo is complete in ~4 seconds.
  • It's scalable: whether you are the first transaction or the 10 millionth transaction in a day, your Algo transaction will still take place in ~4 seconds
  • It's secure: Algorand and Algo transactions are secured by the unique Pure Proof-of Stake consensus that powers the Algorand blockchain.
  • It’s almost free to use: unlike many blockchains, where every transaction is hugely expensive, every Algo transaction today, no matter the size, costs a fraction of a penny.

In addition to these fundamental features, the Algo is a leading cryptocurrency because of its importance to the Algorand blockchain. It’s the token used to secure the consensus used in building each block, it’s the token used to pay for every transaction and soon, it will be the token used to govern the growth of the Algorand ecosystem and as Governance rewards for those who commit to voting as part of governing.This unique nature enables the Algo to be the key pillar of the Algorand blockchain but to also be the most efficient, secure way to buy something as simple, and everyday, as coffee.


Send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Transaction finality in under 4.5 seconds. Avoid the wire transfers, forms, banks, and delays with Algo.


Built for billions of users. Payments won’t slow down, no matter how many Algo users there are.


This blockchain is different. Algorand doesn’t fork and uses the most advanced cryptography to protect your data and privacy.


The fixed and immutable total supply of Algo was created at the launch of the Algorand blockchain. At any time, anyone can see how many Algo are in use.

Real-Time Metrics

Circulating Supply


All unrestricted Algo not held directly by the Algorand Foundation.

Total Max Supply


Algo Supply Minted at Genesis

Liquid Supply


All unrestricted Algo. This includes Algo held directly by the Algorand Foundation   

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