Use Cases

    Props: Moves to Scale on Algorand Blockchain

    The Algorand Foundation is excited to partner with Props who recently became the recipient of an Algorand Foundation Grant. Props have created an inspiring vision of the future of social engagement and creating a mechanism for rewarding participation, whether as a provider or recipient of services.

    To support the growing volume of activity on its PropsChain and provide greater transparency to network participants and the market, PropsChain will be moving to Algorand. Algorand’s public chain will increase Props’ speed and reliability, while powering more transaction volume and a higher level of security. Learn More

    AIKON: ORE ID Secure Blockchain Identity Service on Algorand

    AIKON have partnered with Algorand to bring AIKON’s ORE ID secure blockchain identity service to the Algorand blockchain, pushing forward the adoption of both developers and users on Algorand. AIKON will also develop the Algorand plugin in their open source blockchain development helper library, ChainJS, opening doors for both enterprises and dapps built on other chains to easily migrate to Algorand. The Algorand infrastructure provides the necessary scale of handling massive numbers of transactions at low cost. Learn More

    RHOVIT: Partners with Algorand to Further Democratize Cryptocurrency Mining

    RHOVIT, a gamified content platform, which offers crypto mining that is easy and affordable while simultaneously instituting a better monetization method for content creators has partnered with Algorand. RHOVIT will benefit from enterprise grade scalability and also best-in-class innovation to develop tools and creative methods for users to mine and earn. Learn More

    Meld Gold: Transforming Gold into a Digital Asset on Algorand

    Meld Gold, an Australian early stage tech company, has created a digital platform that plans to change the way gold is bought and sold. Meld Gold selected Algorand as best-suited to connect all components of the gold marketplace: bringing suppliers, dealers, and buyers directly to where they want to trade their assets. The key benefits of the Algorand-powered Meld system are: Efficiency, Transparency and Accessibility. Learn More

    Marshall Islands:  Powering the World’s First National Digital Currency with Algorand and SFB Technologies

    The blockchain for the world's first national digital currency, the Marshallese sovereign (SOV), will be built using Algorand technology. The Algorand protocol was chosen for its speed, scalability, security and its ability to effectively implement required compliance controls and the transaction finality needed for a national currency. Learn More

    FlexFinTx: A Self-Sovereign Decentralized Identity Build on Algorand

    FlexFinTx’s ‘FlexID’, a self-sovereign decentralized identity has been built on Algorand’s public blockchain, addressing one of the limiting factors in the ability to participate in a Borderless Economy: Identity. The speed and scalability of Algorand along with instant block finality ensures FlexIDs will be able to provide fast identity registrations for all users. Learn More

    Fondazione Ugo Bordoni: Using Algorand to Experiment with 5G Spectrum Allocation, AI, and Digital Networks and Services

    Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) signed a collaboration agreement with the Algorand Foundation aimed at experimenting with innovative applications and services for citizens, businesses and public administrations. Their focus on Algorand is driven by the technical advantages it offers over other available blockchains. Learn More Southeast Asia Microfinance Platform and Token on Algorand 2.0 has partnered with Algorand to launch a new microfinance ecosystem platform,, on Algorand 2.0. is designed to support the Asia Reserve Currency Coin (ARCC) as the world's first 'micro asset' that enables the financial inclusion of the urban working poor in Southeast Asia. Learn More

    SIAE, the sixth largest collecting society in the world, will be partnering with Algorand for the development of a new open ecosystem for copyright management. Their collaboration will allow the evolution and strengthening of tools & services and create new accessible solutions, further improving efficiency and intermediation activity. Learn More

    Blockchain: Multiphase Integration Including Future Wallet and Algorand Standard Asset Support will be fully integrating Algorand across all of its products including Blockchain Wallet, Blockchain Explorer, and Blockchain Markets. They will also be providing support for Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs), which make it possible for the tokenization and issuance of any type of asset on the Algorand blockchain, in a standardized way. Learn More

    Stonize: Providing Customers with Faster & More Secure Clearing and Settlement Processes

    Stonize plans to use Algorand 2.0s new features to provide its customers with faster and more secure clearing and settlement processes. In particular, the Stonize team is working on enhancing Delivery Versus Payment process by leveraging Atomic Transfers for multiple party transactions and the ASC1 template for escrow. Learn more

    World Chess: Plans for Hybrid IPO on Algorand’s Blockchain and the London Stock Exchange

    World Chess has announced plans for a hybrid initial public offering where it will raise funds by first issuing a digital token on Algorand’s Blockchain. This will be made possible by Algorand Standard Assets and Securitize’s digital compliant solutions. Learn more

    DUST Identity: Ensuring Digital Integrity, Physical Security and End-To-End Visibility of Supply Chains

    With DUST Identity’s innovative and secure interface for physical objects and the digital world and Algorand’s leading blockchain protocol, the organizations together can provide scalable and tested methods to authenticate physical objects and validate genuine transactions on the blockchain. Learn More

    Reach: Enabling Developers to Build Decentralized Applications on Algorand 

    Algorand and Reach Platform have a shared vision for real-world application and adoption of blockchain through performance, developer enablement, and simple deployment for applications of the future. Together, the organizations will be working together to support efforts for faster and stronger blockchain development. Learn More

    Parsiq: Providing Businesses with Improved Monitoring and Analysis of their Own Ecosystem

    A new partnership with Algorand is going to help improve the transparency of blockchain technology. PARSIQ will be immediately available to use for all businesses on the Algorand blockchain, making analysis easier and data more transparent than ever before. Learn More 

    Stonize: Delivering Decentralized, Scalable and Secure Digital Security Services to Customers 

    Stonize is dedicated to building the best services for its customers and, as such, conducts deep technical assessment of options in order to select only the most advanced and future focused technology. Stonize’s platform-agnostic T3 protocol will leverage the Algorand blockchain to deliver decentralized, scalable and secure digital security services to its customers. Learn More

    AssetBlock: Tokenizing Real Estate Assets on Algorand’s Platform 

    Algorand is the foundational blockchain technology for AssetBlock, ensuring that accuracy, access, transparency, and best-in-class security standards are met. Algorand serves as a record of ownership of real estate assets, asset-related information, proof of loan transactions, and key loan documents. Learn More

    Securitize: Using Digital Securities for Issuing, Trading and Performing Corporate Actions

    Securitize, a platform delivering trusted global solutions for compliant digital securities, has partnered with Algorand to support Securitize’s DS Protocol on the recently launched Algorand blockchain. This will give issuers using Securitize an additional high-performance platform option for issuing, trading, and performing corporate actions using digital securities. Learn More

    IDEX: Building a Next-Generation Decentralized Exchange on Algorand

    IDEX and Algorand will work closely together to develop advancements for financial tools and services to support the new economy. With Algorand, IDEX can develop a solution with full finality, tokenization of assets, and programmatic transfers at Layer-1. Learn More

    Bleumi: Helping Enterprises Build on Algorand’s Platform

    Bleumi Inc, a leading blockchain products and services company, will provide in-depth architecture expertise for large enterprises who are interested in deploying Algorand’s blockchain. Bleumi will also accept the Algo as a form of payment for its services. Learn More

    PureStake: Providing Developers with Secure, Reliable Infrastructure & APIs for Algorand

    PureStake’s API service allows developers to easily interact with the Algorand network without needing to host and manage their own infrastructure. With this release, developers can quickly and reliably access both Algorand’s TestNet and MainNet, reducing time to market and improving application stability. Learn More

    Flipside Crypto: Enabling Analytics for Decentralized Applications on Algorand

    Flipside Crypto is providing a free analytics suite on Algorand’s platform that offers visibility into how users are interacting with their DApps. The toolset allows them to annotate their DApp addresses; monitor the live number of active addresses, incoming transactions, and outgoing transactions and compare their DApp’s activity to other DApps on Algorand’s platform. Learn More

    Syncsort: Helping Data-Driven Enterprises Leverage Decades of Technology Investment

    Through its Syncsort Invent industry initiative, Syncsort partners with enterprises to solve use case specific challenges around data movement, data quality and more. As these companies look to leverage decades of data infrastructure investment in the new era of blockchain, Syncscort has recognized Algorand as a next-generation platform that enterprises are embracing. Learn More

    OTOY: Democratizing Computing Rendering Power 

    Algorand has the unique scalability that can support OTOY’s expanding network’s user base and core functionality with greater transparency by not only processing blocks faster but also with less compute overhead. Learn More