Join the Algorand Foundation Team!

The foundation is comprised of a diverse group of industry experts, researchers, business leaders, economists and more -- and we are hiring!

We are committed to the development of an inclusive and transparent system where anyone can build opportunity through decentralized applications and projects, no matter where they are. With the primary goal of promoting broad participation and the decentralization of the Algorand network, the foundation is assisting with the launch of the network, initial governance and the evolution of the public blockchain.

Founded by cryptography pioneer and Turing award winner Silvio Micali, Algorand solves the 'blockchain trilemma' with a platform that delivers decentralization, scalability and security all at once. Algorand provides a foundation for existing businesses and new projects to operate globally in the emerging decentralized economy with its technical innovation.

To apply for any of the roles listed here, please email [email protected] Please include an up-to-date resume or CV with your email.


Technology Grant Program Manager

Location: New York City, Hong Kong or Dublin, Ireland.

Algorand Foundation has created a role that will determine the technological vision for our grants program as well as evaluate the technical merit of applications for grant funding. In this role, the successful candidate will work the Foundation Leadership team and the Algorand Ecosystem to build a roadmap of technology innovation that can be delivered by our 250M ALGO Grants Program. This role is ideal for someone looking to work with de-centralized technologies and contribute to the develop of the Algorand blockchain.

Core Responsibilities

  • Together with relevant stakeholders, set out technological roadmap for grants and set up processes which allow for execution of the roadmap.
  • Interact with applying teams/individuals in order to understand their project and evaluate their technical abilities.
  • Evaluate work done by applying teams/individuals in order to assess their level of technical expertise.
  • Make decisions on grant giving together with Grants Committee.
  • Contribute to the overall management and improvement of the grants program

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Knowledge and understanding of blockchain technologies and applications.
  • Ability to see the “big picture” and determine the intermediate technologies required to enable various use cases of decentralized networks.
  • Ability to evaluate the technical abilities of individuals and teams.
  • Ability to review/analyze code in a variety of languages.
  • Programming experience (e.g., in Go, JavaScript, C, C++, etc.).
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Optional : Product experience at a technology company, work experience as a developer, Project Management experience or a demonstrated ability to manage relationships with many external parties.

DevOps Engineer

Location: New York City, Hong Kong or Dublin, Ireland.

The Algorand Foundation is looking for a highly skilled DevOps engineer with a background in development, testing, security, or System Administration. This role will be critical in coordinating the infrastructure that underpins key elements of the Algorand blockchain's global network.

Core Responsibilities

  • Management of the blockchain's global network, monitoring the servers (both the Foundation’s and its partner's), coordination with infrastructure service providers.
  • Design and implementation of back-end support for the foundation's operations, current and future. Including our local equipment & back-end infrastructure (on the Google cloud).
  • Implementation of key management and transaction management solutions for the foundation's stake, as designed by the research team. Ongoing transaction management.
  • Technical support for, and coordination with, partners and third parties for protocol upgrade and ongoing technical inquiries and issues.
  • This person will also provide basic IT support for the Foundation and staff

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree or above in Computer Science or other related discipline.
  • Knowledge and understanding of blockchain technologies.
  • Programming experience or at least experience with managing programmers (Go, Python, …).
  • Experience with managing and securing infrastructure systems.
  • Experience in providing/managing technical support.
  • Networking experience (deploying and managing servers, both cloud-based and bare metal).