Reach: The Safest and Easiest DApp Programming Language

    Reach is a blockchain development platform which makes building decentralized applications, or “dApps”, more like traditional full stack development.

    The platform consists of a domain-specific programming language (DSL), compiler, and deployment tool. Reach now fully supports TEAL, automatically generating a formally-verified TEAL contract as you compile.

    Reach solves several common problems developers face when building on blockchain.

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      Problem: Blockchain Development is Too Difficult. Blockchain Development is Too Difficult. Most developers need over a year of training and practice to independently build a trustworthy smart contract.

      Reach Solution: : Programming Language. Reach cuts the learning curve on smart contracts down to about a week, enabling a focus on the business logic while specifying applications in JavaScript syntax.

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      Problem: Blockchain Development is Too Costly. Billions are locked away or lost to bad code. Auditing starts around $20,000 and requires months of work from highly-specialized teams.

      Reach Solution: Compiler. The Reach compiler allows you to launch on any protocol without a code change. A built-in verification engine formally verifies the safety and correctness of smart contracts and middleware as your code compiles.

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      Problem: Protocol Communities are Too Tribal. Developers face an uphill battle in overcoming the blockchain learning curve, as knowledge is siloed within protocol communities.

      Reach Solution: Deployment Tool. Deploying to any protocol unites developers around a shared platform to encourage and support each other no matter what protocol you choose.

    The benefits of using Reach to build on Algorand include;

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      Allows DApps to be built in a matter of days instead of months

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      Developer focused and friendly

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      Strong Developer Documentation

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      Unified live developer support community

    Reach Tutorial

    This tutorial walks through the creation of a simple decentralized application. It contains everything you need to know to build and test this application and assumes no prior experience with dApp/blockchain development of any kind.

    View Tutorial

    Reach Documentation

    Reach documentation is written from the perspective of a developer who has never done any dApp development before. Check out this breakdown of differences between building in Reach versus Solidity.

    Reach Documentation

    You can find a complete walkthrough of the Reach tutorial streamed live from the Universities Unchained Algorand Bounty Hack below!.

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    For more information on Reach, check out their website.