Bring Your A Game

We are looking for game studios that have experience building (indie) games and want to integrate blockchain functionality or build a totally new game.

We are open to the following types of games, but reach out if you have other ideas which you would like to verify:

Make sure to include Algorand layer-1 features such as;

Prize Bounty

The game studio track will award each successful submission with a $250,000 USD bounty if they meet the submission and quality criteria. With a hard cap of four successful submissions (total bounty $1 million USD).

What's next? Winners of the hackathon get a chance to submit a proposal to get further accelerated in the Algorand ecosystem through the grants program.

Submission and Quality Criteria

Submissions are evaluated based on their value for the ecosystem and developers. The Algorand team will use the following criteria to evaluate submissions:

  • Product features
  • User/game experience
  • Documentation, examples, and extra media like a video walkthrough (added to the submission)
  • Usability of the product
  • Complexity of the game and mechanics

Other Requirements

  • For questions, reach out to Algorand on Discord, and join the #gitcoin-gaming-hackathon-2021 channel.
  • Taking this bounty task means you have agreed to our Bounty Agreement terms and policies.
  • All non-codes documents should be using Markdown format.
  • In the project description or repository readme, there should be a proper security notice. E.g., it should tell the visitor the project is not audited and should not be used in a production environment.
  • You are not eligible to receive additional rewards through other Algorand programs like the developer ambassadors program. Check out the current list of open bounties and start earning $Algo rewards today.