Developer Ambassador (DevAms) Rewards

As part of the Algorand Foundation’s mission to encourage development and innovation on the Algorand blockchain, we have a class of Ambassador Rewards, focused specifically on supporting development. This category of Ambassador are Development Ambassadors (DevAm).

DevAms play a key role in participating in, and growing, a vibrant worldwide development community. We have developed a specific set of rewards for Developer Ambassadors.

The Algorand Team will be working closely with Developer Ambassadors throughout the content creation process to ensure content will align to all guidelines and is of high quality. Because of the limited capacity of the team, not all submissions will be accepted and those that are should allocate time for this back and forth. 

You can apply to become a Dev Ambassador here.

We are looking for high quality content contributions from the developer community to expand the Portal’s set of resources. Thus, the rewards matrix is currently:

Published ActivityReward
Create a Solution (Code sample + Text)5,000 Algos
Beginner Tutorial1,000 Algos
Intermediate Tutorial2,500 Algos
Advanced Tutorial5,000 Algos
*Supported with Video1,000 Algos

*Supporting Video Reward can apply across all activity types above

Create a Solution (5,000 Algos)

Have you developed an application or solved a problem on Algorand in a creative way? Have you written some innovative and well-structured code that you want to share with the community to help or inspire others? Create an Algorand Solution to be featured on our developer portal. Publish your code in our Github repository and tell the rest of the community about what you created and how they can get started. 

See examples of Solutions here:

Create a Tutorial (1,000-5,000)

Are you a skilled developer who likes showing off tips and tricks for how to accomplish certain tasks on Algorand? Are you a good writer, who can write clear and accurate guidelines? Write a step-by-step guide, in your language of choice, that helps other developers learn a specific developer flow on Algorand. 

As people will have different levels of expertise and time available, we have created 3 different levels of tutorial: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The rewards for creating each of these tutorials are in line with the work and time required to create these tutorials.

See examples of tutorials here:

In order to create a solution or tutorial publication for review please Sign Up or Log In to the Algorand Developer Portal. Once you are logged in you can choose the option to “Create Publication” either from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner or from your profile page. Choose solution or tutorial, then draft your full submission, and submit for review.

Please look out for a response within 2 weeks of submission. Please make sure you fill out this Dev Ambassador application form to expedite the process for claiming rewards if your solution/tutorial is published.