Developer Tutorials

One of the most unique aspects of the Algorand blockchain is the potential that it brings. Developers and businesses are realizing that blockchain is not going away and the opportunity of a borderless economy is here. Algorand’s innovative protocol solves the ‘blockchain trilemma’ and advances the limits of blockchain by means of technological breakthrough.

Participation and development is a major focus at Algorand. Creating and growing a thriving developer ecosystem around the Algorand blockchain is very important. Algorand offers developers a new, exciting platform to build upon. The Algorand blockchain can bridge legacy business processes to blockchain. Algorand has simple developer tutorials available for developers looking to transition to build on Algorand. We want developers to have access to the tools and assistance they need to make open source projects truly succeed, building next generation applications.

Check out some developer tutorial samples below;

Adding Transaction Capabilities to a dApp Using AlgoSigner

Learn how to integrate AlgoSigner into your dApp so you can request to connect to a visitor’s wallet, send transactions for their signature, and transmit signed transactions to the Algorand TestNet or MainNet — all without needing to handle keys or secrets.

Developing Android Apps Using java-algorand-sdk

This tutorial is meant for Android developers who want to begin to build interesting applications on the Algorand blockchain.
In this tutorial we will cover the following:

Participate in Consensus from Ledger Nano S/X

In this tutorial, we show how to participate in consensus from an account stored in a Ledger Nano S or X. By participating in consensus, you help decentralize the network.

You can check out the full inventory of Algorand developer tutorials which provide tutorials for different developer experience and skill set levels across the different programming languages.