Decentralised Exchages (DEX)

Centralised exchanges have done a great job at promoting cryptocurrencies, enabling individuals across the globe - including the 1.7 billion unbanked people in developing nations - to access alternative assets and new forms of money.

However, it’s decentralised exchanges (DEXes) that further build on the promise of decentralization. DEXes, along with the entire Decentralised Finance (DeFi) sector, give users even more freedom and control over their finances. Dexes built on Algorand support a fair economy that is built upon inclusion and equality.

Decentralised exchanges built on Algorand benefit from the unique features of the Algorand network, scalability, decentralisation and security. Algorand's low transaction fees also facilitate lower commissions that eventually benefit liquidity providers rather than the blockchain network itself. On top of that, Algorand is exceptionally fast, with each transaction reaching finality in less than 5 seconds.