Algorand Centres of Excellence (ACE) Programme

The ACE programme strives to make a long-lasting, positive impact in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and launches with a committed budget of a total value of 100,000,000 ALGO token for the next ten years.

Algorand Foundation invites proposals for the Algorand Centres of Excellence (ACE) programme to build and run multidisciplinary centres which advance research and support applied education in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. With the launch of this initiative, Algorand Foundation will help raise and nurture diverse, courageous generations of blockchain natives who can create, build, manage and innovate across all geographies. Proposals for three to five years are accepted from Higher Education institutions and non-profit research organisations. The ACE programme is being launched with a budget of 100 Million ALGO token for the next ten years.

Read the Request for Proposals here.

Algorand Foundation is launching the Algorand Centres of Excellence (ACE) programme as a holistic, research, education and community driven endeavor to

  • Advance and disseminate multi-disciplinary research in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space
  • Design educational programmes for a new generation of blockchain natives, including blockchain courses and student projects, hackathons and accelerators, and grassroot student involvement via student-led activities (e.g., blockchain clubs, etc.) 
  • Support applied research and education leading to the development of innovative real-world mechanisms, applications and use cases
  • Foster an inclusive and diverse community of blockchain enthusiasts centred around student and campus initiatives 
  • Promote social impact and sustainability projects based on blockchain with measurable metrics
  • Enhance the capabilities of the Algorand platform, grow its community and ecosystem, and bring us closer to fulfilling the vision of an equitable, inclusive, borderless economy

As a commitment to Algorand Foundation’s mission, the ACE programme is being launched with a budget of a total value of 100,000,000 ALGO token for the next ten years. Selected centres may differ by scope, duration, performers and number of institutions involved. The intended funding aims to cover the cost of the set-up and operations of a centre for three to five years.

Please see the the Request for Proposals and Terms and Conditions for more information.


The goal of the Algorand Centres of Excellence (ACE) programme is to establish a global network of centres for research and education excellence in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology that advances collaborative, multidisciplinary, and cutting-edge knowledge in the field in general and the Algorand ecosystem in particular.


The ACE programme’s mission is to advance interdisciplinary science and technology in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Subjects can range from the theoretical understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency, to new applications and use cases, to topics specific to the Algorand protocol and tools. The ACE programme is looking for research proposals on the forefront of knowledge and committed to scholarly excellence.

Development and Implementation

The ACE programme encourages applied research and education leading to the development of experimental and novel blockchain applications to advance interoperability and standards in the space, accelerate innovation and create sustainable, positive impact.


Algorand Foundation values inclusive education and diverse community engagement. Successful proposals will show a strong focus on curriculum development at all levels of instruction (from undergraduate to postgraduate, professional and executive education, etc.). Curriculum development for in-person, online, hybrid and self-study offerings may focus on any aspect of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space such as software and application development, protocol design, economics, social impact, regulatory or public sector policy, and more.

Ecosystem and Community Building

The ACE programme embraces community building. Successful proposals provide details in relation to a plan to build, nourish and advocate for a community that is engaged with blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation, and invested in driving the technology for the general good. A description of how physical space will be used to execute this plan is strongly encouraged.

Social Impact

Successful proposals will address concrete scientific, economic and societal challenges and find actionable and sustainable solutions in line with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs) and Algorand Foundation’s vision for a thriving, global borderless economy.

Diversity and Inclusion

ACE project teams represent the organisation’s community with its diverse backgrounds and experiences. Collaborative proposals from more than one organisation or department are encouraged. Collaborations among diverse geographic and economic backgrounds are desirable (e.g., teaming up between universities in different geographies). Successful proposals will set forth a clearly defined collaboration plan and define commitments to build a diverse team, support an inclusive work environment and help create a workforce of professional blockchain innovators and implementers.

Algorand Elements

Proposals including a focus on the Algorand ecosystem and specific Algorand technology as part of their research, educational initiatives and outreach are strongly encouraged. Successful ACE proposals will include Algorand modules as part of course offerings and the use of the Algorand platform for training purposes (e.g. homework, student projects, collaborative design and engineering experiences) as well as innovation in the use of Algorand technology and its applications.

All outputs of the centre must be open-sourced as set forth in the Terms and Conditions.


Please review the important information and documents below:

Request For Proposals

Terms and Conditions

Budget Template

*Letter of Intent Instructions and Template

Letter of Transmittal Template

Proposal Instructions

Proposal Template


*Please note we are no longer accepting letters of intent. The deadline was November 12, 2021.

Please remember the following important dates related to the Algorand Centres of Excellence programme.

  • We are no longer accepting letters of intent. The deadline was November 12, 2021 and has now passed.
  • Proposals are due on Friday, January 14, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. EST
  • Decisions will be announced in early March 2022
  • The ACE programme starts on April 1, 2022

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If you have questions related to the Algorand Centres of Excellence programme please reach out to us via email at [email protected].