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Encode is a university and hacker blockchain community, helping to educate, build and support early-stage startups. Encode has a community of over 75+ blockchain clubs at universities around the world.

We are delighted to partner with Encode Club again on a year-long, university focused series to run an Algorand education series, a dedicated Algorand hackathon, and another follow-up accelerator. This follows on from the success of the Algorand Foundation as sponsors for Encode’s Future of Blockchain 2 Hackathon in April 2020, and the follow-up Algorand Club accelerator in November 2020.

“We are so delighted to continue our partnership with the Algorand Foundation. We have worked with them across two programmes since 2019 and their attention and vigour towards developer engagement and onboarding is second to none. This year-long partnership will introduce many developers to the Algorand ecosystem and help them build projects and hopefully a few breakout startups”

Anthony Beaumont, Co-founder and CEO of Encode Club.

Algorand Educate

The purpose of our Algorand Educate series is to teach students about blockchain through the lens of Algorand. The 75+ university blockchain societies from around the world will be participating in the Algorand Educate series, learning about the Algorand blockchain and how to develop applications using Algorand.

Six events are currently published for the Algorand Educate program and are now open to registrations. The topics and dates for each event are listed below.


8th March: Algorand Educate Introduction
22nd March: Algorand Consensus Algorithm
5th April: How to set up your Algorand Development Environment
19th April: Algorand Standard Assets
3rd May: Understanding Algorand’s Smart Contract Language
17th May: Building Algorand-Enabled dApps with Algosigner

The education won't stop there. We will be adding six additional events as part of this series in due course and we will share further information across our social media channels.

Algorand Encode Hackathon

We will be running a dedicated 10-week Algorand Hackathon beginning in August 2021. This will be similar to our previous hackathons, however the sole sponsor and focus of the hackathon will be Algorand, and building on the Algorand blockchain.

Algorand Encode Accelerator

Following the Algorand Hackathon, projects will be able to apply for the Algorand Accelerator. Around 10 projects will be accepted into this exclusive program, which lasts 10 weeks and consists of 1-on-1 coaching and support from both Algorand and Encode.

The aim of the Accelerator is to support hackathon and early-stage projects to become fully-fledged startups. The format will be similar to the Algorand Club Accelerator from November 2020.

Further information on Algorand Educate, Algorand Encode Hackathon and Algorand Encode Accelerator is available on the Algorand Club website.

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