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UC Berkeley's Blockchain Xcelerator Progam

The Algorand Foundation is proud be a Layer-1 partner of the University College Berkeley's Blockchain Xcelerator Progam, Berkeley’s Accelerator for Blockchain Startups. They have expanded their reach into the university ecosystem and are running a Building with Blockchain for Web 3.0 course in UC Berkeley Engineering, continuing to expand their talent network to universities worldwide.

UC Berkeley Course

Blockchain Acceleration Foundation

The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF) is dedicated to starting accredited blockchain courses at universities, organizing conferences, meetups, and hackathons, advises students how to operate a blockchain club and connects students to blockchain job and research opportunities. The Algorand Foundation was proud to partner with BAF in support of UC Davis as they hosted their first-ever undergraduate blockchain development course in the fall of 2020. This online class was available to over 30 upper-division Computer Science students that were required to build a blockchain-based application as a final. Additionally, the course recordings and materials will also be open-sourced at a later date.

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