Hackathons and Competitions

TiE University (TiE-U) Global Hackathon

Creating borderless economic models through decentralization, transparency and inclusivity is our core mission. The mission of TiE University is to empower young entrepreneurs and colleges globally. We have entered into a partnership with TiE Global’s TiE University program, to create and deliver a blockchain innovation program to explain the fundamentals of blockchain technology and crypto-currencies, in clear language, to our next generation of innovators, developers and thought leaders. This partnership is supported through the Algorand Foundation Grants program. We recognize that the outstanding potential of blockchain technology can be further realised across University campuses in the USA and globally. There is an opportunity with all University students (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate) to provide a better understanding of the potentially transformative effect that blockchain technology can have on how our future economies could be built.      

For 2021, TiE University has launched a global entrepreneur development and mentorship competition in the form of a business hackathon, that will span up to 30 TiE Chapters, across 200 Colleges, in 50 cities around the world. As part of that program, partners propose business or use case challenges that will provide the basis for competition entry. The Algorand Foundation will engage with the Algorand community to bring forward 3 business challenges that would have a significant, positive impact on the Algorand ecosystem. These challenges will be added to a selection of challenges that the TiE student teams will choose from and then build innovative solutions.

For more information on the 2021 TiE University Global Business Hackathon and how to participate, please visit the TiE University website or email [email protected]  

Hong Kong Blockchain Developer Hackathon 2021

Join the first Hong Kong Blockchain Developer Hackathon 2021 organized by MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node, co-organized by the Algorand Foundation, with Industry Partner HashKey and Collaboration Partner Cyberport. We are excited to be co-organizing this hackathon with a focus on finance across categories including real estate, logistics, trade and payments. The technical theme will relate to the Algorand protocol features such as Atomic Transfers, Smart Contracts, Algorand Standard Assets and Finality. The program offers real world challenges which will be set by HashKey and teams will benefit from the subject matter experts and experienced developers who will serve as program mentors.

The Algorand Foundation will provide pre event support to teams through online training sessions and technology support covering topics and content including;

  • Algorand Basics: Introduce Algorand, tools and SDKs, setup environment and send transactions
  • Algorand Smart Contracts: Understanding Algorand’s Smart Contract Language
  • Stateless Smart Contracts: Demo
  • Stateful & Stateless Smart Contract: Demo

There is a program info-session scheduled on January 18th which will provide more context and information on the program.

Applications are open until January 26th so don't miss the opportunity to submit your application!

Imperial College London Decentralised App Competition

The Imperial College London were awarded an Algorand Foundation Education and Community Grant in October 2020. Our partnership with Imperial College incorporates a startup competition focused on building decentralized applications on top of Algorand and will be coordinated by the College’s Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering.

The competition features a £10K first prize and is open to teams consisting of up to six Imperial College London students from any department.

There is no restriction on the theme of the designed application, but it must make substantial use of the Algorand blockchain. Applications may be developed independently or as part of group and individual project work carried out as part of degree requirements. 

The competition will run in three phases: teams will register for the competition (closing date 30 April 2021),  teams will be invited to submit their final app concepts, and then shortlisted teams will pitch and demo their ideas in an online event on Thursday 27 May 2021.

You can check out the announcement for more information.

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