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Earn rewards for your participation in the decision making.

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Learn how to earn rewards for your participation in Community Governance. The more you participate, the more you help the Algorand ecosystem grow.

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Instructions are available for partners within the Algo ecosystem to facilitate their customers participation in Algorand Governance.


Becoming a Governor

We have prepared a simple step by step Governors' guide with instructions for would-be Governors on how to participate in Community Governance.

We recorded a Community Governance all hands with instructions for would-be Governors on how to participate which is available below.

Starting October 1st, the Algorand ecosystem will move to a decentralized Governance model.

Community Governance will enable all Algo holders to participate in the decision making process on the growth and development of the Algorand ecosystem. The Governance approach for the Algorand community is designed for simplicity and maximum participation:

  • Four quarterly Governance periods per calendar year.
  • Each governor must commit to keeping a certain Algo balance for each quarterly Governance period.
  • There will be at least one voting session in each period.
  • Governors must vote in each voting session, but can choose to use a simplified UI to “vote with the Foundation”.
  • Every measure to be voted on will have an information pack explaining it.
  • Compliant Governors claim rewards for their service at the end of each quarterly Governance period.
  • Reward levels are tied to the Algo commitment of a governor.
  • Specific Rewards pool for each period, decided by Governance vote.

Following the launch of Governance and Governance rewards, the existing participation rewards program will close at the end of Q1, 2022. As Governance is a much more engaged process, with commitment periods and a vote that all Governors must participate in, it is expected that not all Algo holders will participate in Governance. This should lead to higher Governance rewards levels than is currently the case with participation rewards. As a result, we expect there to be significant demand from the community to become Governors.

A published guide to Governance Rewards and the Reward Rates that can be claimed by Algorand's new Community Governors in the first Governance Period are available here.

As a condition of becoming a Governor and claiming rewards under Community Governance, you hereby confirm you have read, understand and agree to the Disclaimers. The terms and conditions contained in the Disclaimers are incorporated herein by reference.

You can check out the recent September Community Governance All-Hands below.

1st Governance Period Voting Measure

Governors will be responsible for major economic and policy decisions as part of their commitment to Governance. This will be done via periodic voting, whereby the Foundation will then execute responsibly, for the benefits of the overall ecosystem, based on the Governors’ decisions. The Foundation commits to keep the voting process as simple as possible and we have published the voting measure for the first Governance period and the detailed overview can be viewed here.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of FAQ's related to Community Governance which are available here. If you have questions which are not covered under the FAQ's, please email us at [email protected]