Grant Award Recipients

Algo Grants Program:

Algorand, together with our community is building a trusted, public and permissionless infrastructure for the borderless economy. In support of our mission, we launched a 250 million Algo Grants Program. This multi-year Grants Program offers various funding level opportunities across application development, tools & infrastructure, research, and education & community. A list of the Algo Grants Program Award recipients to date include;

  • Prof. Nicola Dimitri - The Economics of Algorand, Research Grant: Prof. Dimitri will provide advanced economic research on Algorand and Proof of Stake consensus. Prof. Dimitri is a highly regarded scholar having had his work published across relevant journals.
  • Scriptorium Printing Solutions PVT LTD - Applications Grant: Grant awarded for the creation of a decentralized application (DApp) based on Algorand blockchain network which will facilitate a swift way for issuing and verifying certificates digitally, combating certificate fraud in India.

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