Applications and Use Cases

The Algorand blockchain is scalable, efficient, final, and safely programmable. These technical features make Algorand the natural network to develop real business applications that deliver value creation, mass adoption and disruptive economic and business innovations.

We focus on a number of industries and use cases:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) / Open Finance, payment services.
  • Asset creation, digital securities, asset management and distributed investment.
  • Intellectual property, digital art, copyright. 
  • Identity management.
  • Social networks, media and communities that look for decentralization and digitization of rewards, incentives and collectables.
  • Decentralized organizations, voting, distributed management.
  • Supply chain, Internet of Things, product authentication.
  • Transparent charity and social good.
  • Gaming, prediction markets, staking and betting, virtual reality.
  • Your Own Idea ready to create a business innovation no one had ever thought about before.

Successful grant recipients will likely be requested to create Tutorials and Solutions based on their grant work for the Algorand developer portal.

Funding Mechanisms

AlgoGrants Program Funding

Ask the Algorand Foundation to fund new work

Algorand Developer Bounties

Get rewarded for creating content to supply the development community

Algorand Oracle SupaGrant

$5M Price Oracle SupaGrant seeks proposals for the integration of oracle networks with associated price feeds.

Algorand Bridge SupaGrant

The $5M Bridge SupaGrant will be a call for proposals to build bi-directional bridges from other chains.