Development Tools & Infrastructure

The Development tools and infrastructure track of the Algorand grants program is dedicated to fund projects to create the foundations on which the network and ecosystem can grow. The goal of this track is to provide developers with easy access to the scalability and security advantages of the Algorand network, making building on it as easy and frictionless as possible.

Areas of interest for us include IDE integration for Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) and Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC), GUI and web-based tools, tools to facilitate testing on Algorand and node deployment, monitoring tools, Pub/sub support, and more. Some examples of specific projects that we may be interested in include:

  • Algorand integration for frameworks in various languages (e.g., React/Redux, Vue, Angular, Django, Flask, Spring/Mobile, etc).
  • Integration with development tools on Android and iOS.
  • Cloud service integration for one click app deployment (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure).
  • IDE extensions and plugins for ASA and ASC (e.g., for VS Code, Eclipse, XCode,...).
  • Tools to facilitate the creation of private networks and/or the connection to BetaNet/TestNet/MainNet.
  • Compilers to ASC from higher level languages and frameworks, enabling simple development of intricate smart contracts.
  • Static analysis tools and debuggers for ASC.
  • Encryption/key-management libraries for various platforms and frameworks. For example, Android Java SDK is missing a library to fully support the cryptographic tools used in Algorand.

These areas and examples are not exhaustive, we’d love to hear if you have ideas for developer tools and infrastructure components that go beyond the above. Successful grant recipients will likely be requested to create Tutorials and Solutions based on their grant work for the Algorand developer portal.

Funding Mechanisms

AlgoGrants Program Funding

Ask the Algorand Foundation to fund new work

Development Awards Program

Get an award for apps or tools that you have already developed

Algorand Developer Bounties

Get rewarded for creating content to supply the development community

Algorand Community Bounties

Get rewarded for your contributions and help create vibrant Algorand communities