Research Proposals

The Algorand Foundation is proud to support research on a wide spectrum of domains related to blockchains, cryptocurrencies, token economics and computer science. Supporting innovation which contributes to the long term success of Algorand and blockchain ecosystems is crucial.

Within the clearly broad Computer Science discipline, the Foundation is excited to receive grant applications on any recognized field within CS. We are particularly interested in areas such as security, privacy, data compression, encryption and live data modelling. 

AlgoGrants will also be distributed in support of achieving a greater understanding of the socio-economic impacts of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general. Research into how technology might address social inequality, lack of economic access, identity and economic development will be a key building block in creating a vision for a thriving, global Borderless Economy.

The Foundation understands that primary research should not be limited to a specific blockchain ecosystem. In this category, grants are available for research that benefits the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency community.   

AlgoGrant requests should be innovative and provide a valuable contribution to the ecosystem. 

Funding Mechanisms

AlgoGrants Program Funding

Ask the Algorand Foundation to fund new work

Development Awards Program

Get an award for apps or tools that you have already developed

Algorand Developer Bounties

Get rewarded for creating content to supply the development community

Algorand Community Bounties

Get rewarded for your contributions and help create vibrant Algorand communities