Education and Community

The Algorand Foundation values education and community engagement.

Our Algorand Ambassador Award Program recognises the leaders among the worldwide Algorand blockchain community. Focusing on the potential of the Algorand blockchain, our Ambassadors are helping to build local communities, create awareness of the Algorand protocol, sharing knowledge and insights on the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

The AlgoGrant program supports educational efforts that drive awareness of open-source, decentralized technologies and their impact on business and society. These may include, but are not limited to, areas such as the development of online/classroom blockchain curriculums. These may focus on any aspect of the blockchain/cryptocurrency space such as economics, social impact, coding and application development, regulatory or public sector policy. Successful applicants may also include creators of self-learning, self-service educational programs for those who wish to know more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, outside of a vocational setting.

In the future, the Algorand Foundation will look at introducing a community-based open grant program which gives the broader community the opportunity to vote on which projects should receive the grants.

Funding Mechanisms

AlgoGrants Program Funding

Ask the Algorand Foundation to fund new work

Algorand Community Bounties

Get rewarded for your contributions and help create vibrant Algorand communities

Algorand Developer Bounties

Get rewarded for creating content to supply the development community

Development Awards Program

Get an award for apps or tools that you have already developed