The latest winner of the Algorand Development Awards Program: Jambb Inc.

Since the Algorand Foundation launched its Development Awards Program last year, developers around the world have been eager to participate. After thorough review and selection, Jay Ciruolo and Brian Weaver from Jambb Inc. are the latest developers to receive the award.

Jambb’s winning project is called “AssetSmith”, a development tool showcasing the speed and efficiency of the Algorand blockchain. It allows curious developers, from inside and outside the blockchain ecosystem, to create and send Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) with zero blockchain experience.

To try out AssetSmith for yourself, visit After registering, AssetSmith will automatically generate the necessary Algorand accounts you need to issue, manage, and receive ASAs with no blockchain knowledge required. Distribute your new ASAs to anyone with only an email address, or for advanced users, to an Algorand address.

“AssetSmith is just the first of many tools we think can drive mass adoption of blockchain technology - an accessible and intuitive user interface that works like any traditional web application today”, said Jay Ciruolo, the CTO and co-founder of Jambb. “The team is looking forward to developing more experiments for the developer community to see the capabilities of the tech, test their applications, and map out new business ideas on top of this next-generation borderless platform. There are some big problems in the world that blockchain could play a part in solving, and we want to make it easy for anyone to bring their unique solutions to the masses.”

Jambb is a digital engagement platform, focused on driving value-added relationships between content creators and their supporters.

For more information, visit If you are interested in submitting a project for support from the Algorand Development Award fund, please apply here.