Algorand Foundation sponsors ConnectedLife Conference

Oxford, United Kingdom - The Algorand Foundation is proud to sponsor the conference Connected Life 2022: Designing Digital Futures. The event is an interdisciplinary conference supported by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), which provides an engaging forum for an interdisciplinary network of researchers, designers, policymakers, and futurists from across the globe to critically engage with how we shape our digital futures. 

“Design in all its iterations – from the infrastructure of the Internet to the virtual architectures which constitute our imagined communities, legislative frameworks, and data ethics – swims against this doomsday current with practice-based research and conceptional reimaginations,” underlines the Connected Life 2022 organizing committee, who are postgraduate students from the Oxford Internet Institute. “At Connected Life 2022, we give alternative ways of thinking about, designing, and participating in digital futures center stage.”

The committee continues: “Through keynotes, panel discussions, art exhibits, and networking spaces, ConnectedLife provides multiple avenues of engagement with the topic of Designing Digital Futures, striving to bridge innovative and creative research with practices that explore, design, and evaluate future digital architectures, models of governance, interactions, and interfaces.”

The agenda will include talks on “Who the Internet Thinks You Are” by Visiting Policy Fellow Jas Johl and a panel on “The Digitization of Everything” by Shamir Ozery, Algorand. Doro Unger-Lee, Head of University Programs at Algorand Foundation underlines how important support for student-led activities are:  “We are committed to student support and engagement with student organizations and see them as crucial contributors to innovation and success in blockchain technologies.”

The conference will be held on June 17, 2022 in Oxford, United Kingdom. To find out more on how to register for the event, please visit