Update on the Final Period of 200M ALGO Staking Rewards Program

July 28th, 2021 - The Algorand Foundation would like to remind participants in the 200M Staking Rewards program that we are now approaching the end of the program and the final distribution of rewards. To qualify for the distribution, accounts must maintain their program minimum balance up to and including round number 15948000, which will occur approximately on August 31, 2021, 23:59 Singapore time.

To receive the final distribution of rewards, participants must have completed KYC for their qualified account by Monday, August 23rd, 2021, at 23:59 Singapore time. Please note any person who did not complete KYC by then will be disqualified from the program. The Algos that were kept in escrow for these wallets will be distributed among the other qualified wallets.

Distribution of tokens will take place no later than Thursday, September 2, 2021. Any Algos that are left in escrow after that final distribution (since their intended recipient failed to complete KYC), will then be distributed among the other qualified wallets no later than Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

For more information on the 200M Staking Rewards Program, please visit here. As previously noted, participation in the 200M Staking Rewards Program closed in August 2019 and no further participants were accepted after that date.