Final Update on 200M Staking Rewards Program

September 2nd, 2021 - As of September 2nd, the fourth and final distribution of 50M Algo, within the 200M Algo Staking Rewards Program is complete. All eligible participants will have now received their final rewards. The 200M Staking Rewards Program is now completed. 

There remains 6.77M Algo, in escrow, linked to participants who have not been eligible at the end of the program to receive these rewards. This 6.77M Algo will be distributed to the remaining participants who were eligible for the fourth distribution period. This distribution will be executed automatically on or before September 16th.

As the 200M Staking Program has now ended, the Foundation would encourage all Algo holders to take the time to understand the Community Governance and Governance Rewards Program that will begin on October 1st. For more details, visit here.