Fortior to Launch Decentralized Decisions, a Software Stack That Will Enable Members of the Choice Coin DAO to Vote on New Proposals

November 23rd, 2021 - The Algorand Foundation today announces a second grant partnership with Fortior Blockchain, to launch Decentralized Decisions, a software stack that will enable members of the Choice Coin DAO to vote on new proposals. 

Choice Coin is an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) designed to solve the decentralized governance problem, which refers to the lack of a stable and autonomous process for decision-making among decentralized organizations. Choice Coin powers Decentralized Decisions, a governance software that brings voting directly to the blockchain, resulting in a more secure, efficient, and open process. 

''We're delighted to extend our partnership with Fortior blockchain through this second grant award,'' said Addie Wagenknecht of the Algorand Foundation. “Fortior Blockchain provides autonomy, transparency and decentralization to users and are a valuable addition to the Algorand ecosystem’. 

Open Source

Choice Coin is currently one of the largest open-source projects on the Algorand Network. Over the past 3 months, over 1,000 community members, including developers, researchers, and leaders have made significant contributions to the Choice Coin Ecosystem. Furthermore, Choice Coin is a DAO, meaning that anyone who has Choice Coin can play a role in its development. The Choice Coin Network has taken a decentralized approach to asset allocation by rewarding individuals for contributions that benefit the overall ecosystem. As part of this decentralization effort, Choice Coin rewards open source software developers building voting software on Algorand with Choice.

Choice Coin continues to drive open source innovation, and is set to have its first official governance process in December. In the future, Choice Coin will be a fully decentralized community and the software of choice for governance on Algorand. 


Fortior Blockchain is a blockchain development company currently focused on the Algorand Blockchain. Over the past 6 months, Fortior has developed a new type of smart contract, governance software, and a price oracle for Algo. Fortior is also the team behind Choice Coin, and is excited to hone in on decentralized governance for Choice Coin over the upcoming months.  


Fortior was initially formed in July, shortly after receiving a grant from the Algorand Foundation. The core team members, Archie Chaudhury and Brian Haney, met at the 2021 MIT Bitcoin Expo Hackathon, where they created an award winning project - Algorand Autonomous. Since receiving a grant from the Algorand Foundation, Fortior has also created the Choice Coin DAO, whose mission is to build open source voting software on Algorand and create opportunities for developers around the world.

Moving Forward

Blockchain. In an upcoming grant from the Algorand Foundation, Fortior will launch Decentralized Decisions, a software stack that will enable members of the Choice Coin DAO to vote on new proposals.