Update on next Governance voting session (G3V1)

April 29th, 2022 - Recently, we have received extensive feedback from our community that the current governance structure, with its focus on rewarding passive Algo holders, does not incentivize development of the Algorand ecosystem as it should. We agree. 

Our initial departure from a flat governance system started last period, with the approval of the expert-governor (xGov) layer. Now, we plan to put forth a more comprehensive proposal, granting extra "governance seats" and rewards to active participants in the Algorand ecosystem, such as DeFi participants, NFT creators, relay-node runners, etc.

For the current governance period we intend to bring to a vote both a proposal to revamp governance as above, as well as a more detailed proposal for the xGov layer. Developing these proposals in a thoughtful and careful manner will take some time, so we will delay the voting session to the latter part of this period. 

Specifically, the voting session for the current governance period will be held from June 1 to June 15, 2022, and the measures to vote on will be available two weeks in advance.

To continue to gather community feedback, we invite community members to email thoughts and suggestions to [email protected] We will hold a discussion forum, focused on this challenge, as part of the preparation for the vote - details to follow. We look forward to engaging with you on this key discussion on the future of governance on Algorand.

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