Mentat Leverages Algorand for SAP Connector, Paving the Way for Enterprise Blockchain Integration, Receives Foundation Grant Award.

London, UK, Nov 5, 2020 -- Mentat Innovations, a leading artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions provider to global enterprises, today announced that it will develop an open-source SAP connector and Enablement API to the Algorand blockchain. Algorand, the world’s first open-source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol for the next generation of financial products, provides a stable and fast blockchain that is purpose-built for enterprise-type applications that Mentat’s clients are planning to deploy on established software platforms like SAP.

Mentat has chosen Algorand as their preferred blockchain platform due to the global scale, speed, and security enabled by the Algorand protocol and by the flexibility provided by Algorand Smart Contract (ASC1) and Algorand Standard Asset functionality. The combination of scale and flexibility is critical in supporting Enterprise adoption across a wide range of use cases.

Mentat’s customers are governments and large enterprises globally that are actively looking for the latest technology innovations that can provide an immediate competitive advantage. To date, early blockchain platforms have lacked the speed, scale, and transactional cost efficiency to be immediately useful in enterprise settings. With this new offering between Mentat and Algorand, any enterprise within the SAP platform ecosystem will be able to integrate and interoperate with Algorand’s blockchain seamlessly.

“We have been looking for a blockchain partner that can power efficiently fast and scalable enterprise distributed ledger and transactional applications. We are delighted to work with Algorand on building a solid bridge to real-world enterprise applications on the SAP ecosystem,” said George Cotsikis, CEO of Mentat Innovations. “The Mentat team is grateful that the Algorand Foundation is supporting this endeavor in building together a shared vision of enterprise blockchain usage.”

The Algorand Foundation is supporting Mentat through its 250M Algo Foundation Grant Program, which is designed to foster innovation and on-chain development in the areas of research, education, infrastructure, and applications.

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