Update: Relay Node Runners Voting to Extend Suspension of Daily Rewards

As announced earlier,  the EAC has received EIP-10182019ACV (“the Proposal”) to extend the temporary suspension of vesting for a further 30 days. The Proposal has been discussed by the relay node community and has received significant support and therefore will be put to a vote.

The relevant participants are currently voting on-chain as well as via formal waivers.

Once this voting process is complete, the results will be published and the outcome will be put into effect. 

Vote Blocks, Date & Time

The on-chain vote will open on block 02725950 and end on block 02784400. This period will

roughly start Sunday, October 27 at 23:59 SGT and last until Wednesday, October 30 at 23:59


Vote Submission

Voting participants are asked to send a micro transaction to one of the following addresses:


A ‘YES’ vote indicates support of the Proposal and a 30-day suspension of rewards, a ‘NO’ vote indicates you do not support it. Participants may abstain by not voting, which will be counted as a ‘ NO’ vote.

If multiple transactions are sent from the same address, we will only count the last vote from a

registered address; please exercise caution when submitting your transaction.

For more details, including consent principles and list of relay node runner addresses, please visit the original details here.