Algorand Foundation SupaGrants Update

November 22nd, 2021 - The Algorand Foundation is excited to provide an update on the progress of our Viridis “SupaGrants” funding for the building of token bridges and price oracles to support the accelerated development of the Algorand DeFi ecosystem.

As of today, we now have two fully reviewed applicant teams for the Price Oracle SupaGrants and also two fully approved teams for the Bridge SupaGrants. In addition to these four teams who have completed the grant review process, we also have a further eleven teams progressing through the review process. Seven of these are for Bridge SupaGrants and four for Price Oracle SupaGrants.

The Foundation team is delighted with the quality of the grant applications and the teams/companies involved. We plan to update the community regularly on the evolution of the SupaGrants program and will introduce each team as they launch their project on testnet.