Happening Now: Relay Node Runners Voting to Suspend Daily Rewards

Recently, economic improvement proposals have been brought to the foundation suggesting changes to the daily rewards structure for relay node runners of the Algorand network. In response to those proposals, the Algorand Foundation is currently facilitating a vote for EIP-09092019PC (“the Proposal”), which proposes a 30-day suspension of daily rewards for relay node runners. 

The relevant participants are currently voting on-chain as well as via formal waivers.

Once this voting process is complete, the results will be published and the outcome will be put into effect.  

Vote Blocks, Date & Time

The on-chain vote will open on block 02099600 and end on block 02177300.  This period will roughly start Wednesday, September 25 at 23:59 SGT and last until Sunday, September 29 at 23:59 SGT. 

Vote Submissions

Voting participants are asked to send a micro transaction to one of the following addresses:



A ‘YES’ vote indicates support of the Proposal and a 30-day suspension of rewards, a ‘NO’ vote indicates you do not support it.  Participants may abstain by not voting, which will be counted as a ‘NO’ vote. 

If multiple transactions are sent from the same address, we will only count the last vote from a registered address; please exercise caution when submitting your transaction.

For more details, including consent principles and list of relay node runner addresses, please visit: https://algorand.foundation/voting-procedure-eip09092019pc