Algorand Foundation October Grant Recipients

October 12th, 2020 - In order for the blockchain to make a big impact on the world, Algorand is creating an ecosystem that is easy to build with, use, and maintain- even when scaling to millions of users. 

The recipients of this month’s Algorand Foundation awards are helping to build the development tools, infrastructure, and research needed to make building applications with  Algorand as easy as possible.  

Octobers Grant Awardees Include:

  1. RockX: Development Tools & Infrastructure Grant:  A web based IDE for Algorand with enhanced features including wallet functionality and integration with contract templates. RockX can execute smart contracts (ASC) and token (ASA) deployment processes via  Algorand’s blockchain without having to install any dependencies on their local system.  
  2. TiE Atlanta Angels: Applications & Use Cases Grant - The TiE platform will be part of the securitize portal, to tokenize the private equity investments made byTiE. The grant award facilitates the tokenizing of private equities on Algorand, bringing more efficiency and flexibility to the portfolio management for a non-profit organisation and creates synergy with Algorand ecosystem partners, further maximising the network effect within the community.   
  3. Liquidity Digital: Applications & Use Cases Grant -  A private capital centric blockchain-enabled marketplace  for deal origination, management, and distribution. Stakeholders have the ability to automate the issuance process, while also enabling the syndication of deals within a private, regulatory complaint ecosystem.
  4. Imperial College London: Education & Community Grant - Our partnership with Imperial College will incorporate a startup competition focused on building decentralized applications on top of Algorand and will be coordinated by the College’s Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering.
  5. Blockchain Italia Srl: Applications & Use Cases Grant - Dedit is a SaaS to easily notarize and tokenize files with SLA and OLA as a legaltech tool that offers timestamping, on-chain asset management, digital signatures and trust services.  Dedit-E gives users the ability to define and determine the amount as well as the type of their registrations according to their usage plan. 
  6. AlgoSearch: Development Tools & Infrastructure Grant - AlgoSearch is the first decentralized open-source block explorer and analytics platform for Algorand, providing on-demand network insights, statistics, and detailed reporting. It is the only block explorer that can work on private networks. 
  7. Algorand Builder: Development Tools & Infrastructure Grant - A suite of apps including REPL (console Read-Eval-Print-Loop) to quickly and easily interact with ASA’s and Smart Contracts. An Integrated testing framework, boilerplates, and documentation improvements.

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