Update on Node Runner Vesting Suspension to Dec 3rd

The Foundation has finished tabulating the results for the on-chain vote to continue the suspension of Node Runner vesting to December 3. (“the Proposal”)

The results are available here:


Of the node runners earning daily rewards as part of the early relay node running incentive program, we received 51 YES votes in favor of the Proposal and 2 NO votes.  28 nodes abstained from the vote.

The voting procedures can be referenced here:


As mentioned in the voting procedures, a waiver must be signed via DocuSign to establish formal legally binding consent for this amendment. The Proposal is considered as approved if a majority of relay node runners indicate their consent.  The majority is defined as over 50% of operating Nodes.  

We received a majority of signed waivers on November 28, 2019.  Accordingly, the continuation of the suspension to December 3 will go into effect immediately with an effective date of November 30, 2019.